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Careers & Occupations Symposium,  June 28, 2001

Stress in the Workplace



Sandra VanSant, MEd. ENFJ, Wrong Work Choices

bulletNancy Barger, MA, ENFP - Constant Change

Danielle Poirier,  INFP - Working with Others

bulletPhoebe Clark, MA, ENFP - Self-Defeating Stress Patterns

This symposium explored the impact of personality type of four different kinds of stressors at work and provide appropriate type interventions for stress management.  Through the use of self-reflective exercises, participants were able to discover their own stress points and learn how to develop better responses to stress.  The type related stress management techniques learned in this symposium can be useful for personal development as well as used professionally with clients, coworkers and teams.  The day was  broken into two segments:  Major Stressors at Work and Type Interventions.

Keynote speaker, Naomi L. Quenk,  PhD.  provided a definition of stress in psychodynamic terms, from a Jungian point of view, and discuss the influence of unconscious psychological complexes in workplace stress.



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