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Presentation June 30, 2001

Type in Cyberspace: Are You Out There?

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Presenters:   (from left to right)

bulletLynda Trommelen, ENTP
bulletPeter Noble, ENFP
bulletSidney Courtice, ENTJ
bulletDanielle Poirier, INFP
bulletDianne Englot, INFJ
bulletDebbie Clelland, INTJ
bulletLois Campbell,  ENFJ


Educational Objectives: 

By the completion of the session, participants will be able to:


Describe the advantages and disadvantages of the following new communication formats : groupware, web/conferencing, online magazines/ newsletters


Identify the factors required to successfully communicate with all types using new media formats

bulletInclude type factors in an implementation plan for the use of a new communication technology

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The Internet and new communication technologies provide the ability to link people in new ways, overcoming the barriers of time and distance. The growth of these tools in our culture is phenomenal and we are only beginning to understand the incredible impact that they will have on our lives and our work in the future. Our group embraced the new technologies, (with some trepidation), to attempt to link practitioners and type aficionados across our vast country. The association’s planning committee will share its experiences over the past year, of its journey into cyberspace as we worked together, learned from each other and experimented with the new tools such as groupware, web/teleconferencing, the use of the Internet for our web site and online Newsletter. Type played a role, as we adapted to these new communication formats. We all experienced elation, humour and frustration at different points on the journey but we are still "wired" together and have forged a strong, functional team. With our new communication infrastructure now in place, we are beginning to draw others to us and hopefully our chapters will begin to grow across the country. In our presentation, we will share our lessons learned, so that others who are attempting to use technology can constructively integrate the “type” factor into the equation.

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The fact the our type influences our preferred methods of communication, has been known and studied for some time. When the communication format is the “driver” of the process, how does type influence the way that we react? To survive and function effectively, organizations need to be able to communicate. The Internet and tools such as groupware and web conferencing have become the backbone of the communication strategy for many groups and organizations. Just as our type influences the way that we experience change, it also affects the way we work in this new media. What happens when the Extravert no longer has a “face to face” connection in real time or the person with a preference for Feeling, cannot reach out to touch another when they need a hug? Our group has learned that impersonal formats can be humanized and that we all grow from the experience.

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APT Canada & Its Activities


APT Canada Newsletter

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Web Tools & Distance Education

There are many providers of these tools.  The links noted are those that the APT Canada planning team has explored.  

bulletWeb Tools
bulletLinks to Distance Education Resources

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