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Why Join APT Canada?

APT members come from a variety of backgrounds and professions including positions in business and industry, organization development, health,  religion, education, psychotherapy and counseling. Members seek to extend the development, research, applications and ethical use of type theory.  APT provides opportunities for sharing type information through publications, international and regional conferences, local

chapter meetings, and various training programs.  Some of the benefits are:

bulletAPT publications, such as the Bulletin of Psychological Type and The Journal of Psychological Type
bulletRegional and international conferences -  APT XV 2003 will be held in Toronto.
bulletNetworking with Canadian type professionals through:
bulletThe APT Canada web site and discussion group http://www.aptcanada.ca
bulletOnline interactive bilingual newsletter   aptcanada/
bullet Reduced fees for Web conferences and Online Courses:
bullet en Francais
bullet in English
bulletType-related workshops and programs and resources
bulletRecognition of Charter Certification for practitioners through the CAPT program
bulletThe development of a referral network for Canadian professionals
bulletPromotion of Canadian seminars, chapter events, professionals and type resources

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How Do APT,  APT Canada and Chapters (eg: Lower Delta, OAAPT) Work Together?

Association for Psychological Type (APT)

founded in 1979, is an international membership organization open to any individual interested in personality type.


Annual Membership  $95 US 

APT Canada

is the regional group that represents Canadians in this international association.


Any Canadian with a membership in APT is automatically a member of APT Canada.

Chapters APT members are encouraged to also belong to their local Chapters. 


Annual Membership : varies with Chapters.   Please note chapter fees do not include membership in APT or APT Canada
bulletB.C Lower Mainland
Membership Information  

Ontario Association for the Application of Personality Type OAAPT

OAAPT is the Ontario Chapter of APT Canada, that offers a type network and programs for Ontario type users.

Membership Information



bulletQuebec Chapter
Membership Information  














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Last updated: September 22, 2005.