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Summary of Reminders for Delivering Psychological Type Assessment Services Via

bulletVoice to Voice
bulletImage to Image
bulletEmail to Email

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Setting the Contract

bulletBe sure to clarify how you will charge your phone, web-conferencing, or email time to the Respondent.

Administering the Psychological Type Inventory

bulletProvide written directions to the Respondent, reminding them that taking the assessment is voluntary, that type does not assess mental or emotional health, and that results are confidential and belong to the Respondent.
bulletProvide directions for accessing the online administration website (if appropriate), be sure to include your contact information, should the Respondent experience difficulty during administration and need to contact you.

Providing Feedback

bulletAssessment results must not be returned prior to the Respondent receiving an overview of psychological type or before having the opportunity to assess his or her Self-Estimate Type.
bulletAfter the Respondent has received an explanation of psychological type and the psychological type instrument, and identified his/her Self-Estimate Type, the results may then be emailed or mailed to the Respondent.

Verifying Best-Fit Type and Exploring Applications

bulletAdditional interaction with the Professional should always occur after the Respondent has received and had the opportunity to review his/her assessment results. 
bulletThis interaction should include both assisting the Respondent in identifying his/her Best-Fit Type, and also exploring ways the Respondent can apply psychological type in his/her work setting or/or life circumstances.

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Last updated: January 28, 2005.