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Example of a Typical Voice-to-Voice Assessment Process:

  1. Set the contract with the Respondent over the phone.
  2. Email information to the Respondent regarding taking the psychological type inventory on-line.
  3. After the Respondent has completed the assessment, download the Respondent’s results to your computer.  Do not send the results to the Respondent.  Review the results prior to the phone interpretation session.
  4. Conduct an initial telephone interpretation session with the Respondent to provide a brief history of type theory, to discuss preferences, to provide descriptions of the type preferences, and to have the client indicate his/her Self-Estimate Type.
  5. Email results to Respondent.
  6. After the Respondent has reviewed his/her results, conduct another telephone interpretation session to discuss the assessment results.  Include in this conversation a discussion of best-fit type, activities to aid the Respondent in clarifying his/her type preferences, and possible applications of type.
  7. Schedule future telephone interpretation sessions as needed.

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Last updated: January 28, 2005.