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Message from APT Canada Chair 

Danielle Poirier, Montreal, Quebec

Voice: 819.457.1991

Email: danielle@rebeleagle.com


Did you know they were Canadian ?

Marion Woodman, author of "Conscious Femininity", "Bone - Dying Into Life" and " Coming Home to Myself", gave a very heartfelt and welcome talk about the process of individuation and the struggle of awakening the Divine within - or coming home to the Divine Self.

Marci Segal, author of "Creativity and Personality Type", a member of prof-type, gave a fun and lucid talk on creativity in general - and the very need for it in our everyday lives.

Paul Huschilt did a wrap up that had us rolling in the aisles with laughter. He told the story of Anne of New-Hamburgh, ISTJ, who visited the conference and summarized her experience with story and songs. One highlight was his rendition of Betsy Kendall, convener of the international panel, singing "Around the World in 80 minutes".

Lynda Trommelen, APT's president and prof-type member, and Sidney Courtice, APT's communication director, both Canadian, have done a superb job of keeping the conference truly international.

And I, of course, got to join the international panel and present our three founding cultures: French, English and First Nations.

But you already knew I was Canadian, eh?

Danielle Poirier

Chair, APT Canada

Voice: 819.457.1991

Email: danielle@rebeleagle.com











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