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The goal is to acknowledge, Canadian sites that other practitioners may not be aware of in their own areas, ie: resources in their own back yard. Submissions are welcome. 

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Paul Huschilt *

*  Not exactly as shown

Paul Huschilt

Giving Back to People Who Give

Professional Speaker, Storyteller, Trainer

Paul's site contains tips and links as well as information about his services.

Visit the site at:   www.paulhuschilt.com

Sage Developmental Resources Inc.

Anne Dranitsaris is a former Senior Consultant with the Toronto Office of Sage Developmental Resources. She has been conducting Myers Briggs Type Indicator( (MBTI) training seminars in organizations and educational institutions since 1984 and is the author of a series of 16 books on personality and work styles. "The Sage Personality Profiles" are used by individuals and organizations for the purpose of human resource and business development, coaching, team-building and counseling. Anne has now returned to her own clinical psychotherapy practice.

Visit their web site at: 

Dunning Unlimited Inc.

Donna Dunning is an award-winning psychologist, teacher, certified human resources professional and director of a consulting business. Her consulting business focuses on learning and careers.  Donna is also the author of two books - Learning Your Way and What's Your Career Type?

Visit her web site at:  http://www.dunning.ca

Dianne Englot

Dianne's site is a  good example for those offering consulting services.  It provides a good description of the MBTI,  her services and applications and links to some other very interesting MBTI related sites.  

Visit her web site at:  http://www.dianneenglot.com  

Ontario Association for the Application of Psychological Type

Linking Ontario practitioners,  OAAPT provides a membership list on their site and  information on their Newsletter  "Tell a Type" and upcoming programs.

Appreciating Differences, developed by Jack Falt of Almonte, Ontario

Jack has spent endless hours, compiling an extensive bibliography and links related to type,  plus inclusion of many articles that he has written for his presentations. It is a wonderful resource for type practitioners. 

People Puzzles

Lynda Trommelen has had the opportunity to present many aspects of the type work that she was involved with at various conferences.  Her presentations can be found in the Conference section of her People Puzzles web site and there are many related links in the MBTI section.

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Last updated: September 22, 2005.