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What is a Web Conference?

To provide the opportunity for members across Canada to dialogue with type experts, APT Canada piloted its first web conference in May 2000. Positive evaluations have lead us to make these ongoing events. 

bullet2005 Programs
bulletWork, Play and Type: Achieving Balance in Your Life
bullet2003 Programs
bullet2002 Programs
bulletClick Here for  participant comments from the 2002 workshops
bullet2000 -2001 Programs
bulletMay 2000 - Relationships,  Otto Kroeger
bulletMay 2001 - Type & Creativity, Marci Segal

Here is how it  works ...............

Two weeks prior to the event

Click here for registration information

Once registered, a survey will be available on the course web site.  It will give the presenter the opportunity to learn more about our participants' specific interests.  All comments posted  before the teleconference will be compiled and used by the presenter to help focus the session.

 One week prior to the event  (deadline for registration)


Resource materials for the session will be made available to registered participants via the web site.  Participants will be asked to complete a survey to help the presenter prepare for the teleconference. There will also be background information and exercises provided prior to the teleconference.

 Date of the Event


Participants will dial in for the teleconference. The teleconference will be part presentation, based on the survey and members interests and part discussion.  We are encouraging groups that can come together in regional locations to do so to provide an opportunity for dialogue before and after the teleconference presentation.         

 Week Following the Event

bulletPost session information will be added to the web site in a special section accessible to  participants. This may include responses to key questions from the groups
bulletThe presenter will also facilitate an "on-line" discussion for participants during the week following the conference


Hope that you can connect!

Questions or more information contact:

Sidney Craig Courtice (ENTJ), Chair, APT Canada


Voice: (403) 289-2810

Fax:    (403) 289-2812


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Last updated: September 22, 2005.